Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chameli Ki Shaadi

The movie doesn't waste your time and jumps right into action! The typical formula of  lovers against the world is again used but Basu Chatterjee of the Baaton Baaton Mein fame has managed comedy,fun,innocence with elan.

Anil Kapoor, during late 80s ,I suppose was at the peak of his career. In the movie he doesn't play the young brash stubbled Mumbai Lakhan. He is a young, happily confused no worry guy who falls in love with equally innocent but childish Amrita Singh and rest gotta see! :)

Special mention for Amjad Khan for portraying a character which isn't cruel ,barabaric or the contents of which aren't 'bachao bachao' ;) Niether does he plays outside his character.


  1. i still remmbr te song chameli chameli chameli ki shaadi
    ws one funny movie indeed

  2. seriously ...u dont have to think too much to watch this :)...but on certain days u need just these kinda stuff !