Sunday, December 7, 2014

Athirathram 1984

The blockbuster of 1984,directed by I.V.Sasi which is claimed as one of the best crime thriller of it times.

Starring Mammootty, Mammootty and Mammootty.

No typo there. That's all the movie is about. So much panache and style by the dude that you will forget Mohanlal is in it.

Yeah we want to see more ;)

Though a super hit in that era, I'm sure we have better storylines in crime genre in Malayalam cinema now. Events and situation are just jumbled up in the movie together as if the 2 hrs just had to finish.

Nevertheless a nice watch if you don't mind the script. Great styling for the dude and lot of 007 type cinematography.

Adwaytham 1992

A Malayalam political thriller starring Mohanlal ,Revathy and Jayaram and directed by Priyadarshan.

I felt the 2006 film Vaasthavam had very similar beats. Nevertheless ,Mohanlal and Prithviraj,respectively have done a fantastic job of portraying human nature when exposed to political storms.

Mohanlal's character is one of friendly,caring person but gets embroiled in local politics. The story is about memories of a love affair gone bad, a broken home and amidst all this his only bright hope being his friend, played by Jayaram and his own ambitions,lay hidden,unknown to him.

All the lead stars do a great job and makes for a dramatic movie experience. Watch it to know the ever - rolling wheel of Kerala politics and the pieces of everyday life it loops in.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu 1991

Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu (English: Making Your Point Clear) is a Malayalam political family movie. Yes it is exactly as it sounds and also not. It is a family movie about a family of 3 and their resonances due to politics in the middle. 

Mammootty is the aspiring,active and busy political member of the local party which has all elements of a typical one. His wife is played by Shanti Krishna, the wife who slowly shows the effects of such a husband on her and on her son. The trials and tribulations in the presence of politics that a normal family goes through are shown in a non-preaching,witty way enjoyable enough as a movie.

Most of Balachandra Menon's movies are about family life and this is no less. Touching performances by the lead pair make it a movie you can add to your collection. Also the usual favourites of classic Malayalam cinema are there - Sankaradi, A.C Zainuddin,Jagadish and Karamana Janardhan Nair.