Monday, December 1, 2014

Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu 1991

Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu (English: Making Your Point Clear) is a Malayalam political family movie. Yes it is exactly as it sounds and also not. It is a family movie about a family of 3 and their resonances due to politics in the middle. 

Mammootty is the aspiring,active and busy political member of the local party which has all elements of a typical one. His wife is played by Shanti Krishna, the wife who slowly shows the effects of such a husband on her and on her son. The trials and tribulations in the presence of politics that a normal family goes through are shown in a non-preaching,witty way enjoyable enough as a movie.

Most of Balachandra Menon's movies are about family life and this is no less. Touching performances by the lead pair make it a movie you can add to your collection. Also the usual favourites of classic Malayalam cinema are there - Sankaradi, A.C Zainuddin,Jagadish and Karamana Janardhan Nair.

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