Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saudagar 1973 - Also learn to make gur

A rare Amitabh Bachhan movie in which he does not wear his angry young man robe. Now that should be able to draw you in right?

Saudagar brings out a lot of village charm because the story is woven around village mentalities and a plot which looks simple love triangle but is more than that. I haven't watched many movies of Nootan to be able to comment on her but I felt she gave a very apt performance to her character. The movie also brings out the human vices of greed,betrayal and celebrates virtues of forgiveness. All this,without the usual pomp of Bollywood. Probably why it was entered for best Foreign language film in 46th Academy Awards. Also has a lovely hummable song 'Sajna hai mijhe,sajna ke liye'.

By the way I also learnt how to make gur,the way you enjoy nature and not sweat over it over a gas stove and keep coming to stir by taking a break from the not-so-charming movie on TV.

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