Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ram dhol Lakhan

The perfect masala formula! Bring in dhol, Anil Kapoor and story of revenge. Nothing else is as entertaining as the mix of all this.

Whats it about
1989 - Ram Lakhan is about revenge. Raakhee's husband is murdered over property issues by Amrish Puri and Paresh Rawal. Fitting villians. Her sons are Anil and Jackie Shroff.Anil grows up to be a funloving guy and his inspector brother is just the opposite. Anil is in love with Madhuri but her father,Anupam Kher, is unwilling. Kher provides the comical angle to the story with his innate vegetarianism.

Anil's character provides the change in storyline with his desire to be rich sooner and in any means possible. The idealism of his brother and his apparent lack of it is the bait at which the villains pull. The mother is again torn between the two sons and bhagwaan jaane aage kya hoga!

Not to forget the helpless,captured character of Madhuri who ,I felt ,was not given enough screen presence or meaty role.

Memorable songs

All that dhol and ofcourse the famous song 'aye ji,oh ji,lo ji suno ji' gives memories of Janmashtami and Ganesh pooja days of childhood.'Aye ji,oh ji,lo ji suno ji' is still the song played at small towns during Hindu festivals.

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