Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sangam movie 1964

A typical love triangle which supposedly shows sacrifice,true friendship and undying love but in the process of Raj Kapoor's mindless effort of epic dramas,lengthy  scenes and overflowing cup of emotions ,one feels tortured !

Whats it about
Love triangle - need more explanation?  Obviously one has to get the girl in the end. The girl loved friend 1,a calm and non expressive guy,but gets married to the friend  2 she doesn't like,but later falls in love as part of her 'dharma' of wife. This doesn't get into the head of the husband who after a year of love and Europe package tour (dragging a reluctant ex-lover  friend 1 to the tours thus adding suspense (really?) to the story !) finds an old love letter and begins doubting his wife,singing the famous 'dost dost na raha' and in general grant of license to manufacture handkerchiefs to women who 'may' cry at his grandeur epic Deepika -long -legs style movie!

No nothing different about the story
There may be a twist when the marriage happens because as Bollywood die-hards we expect no baraat to come till the true Reebok runners around trees actually milans and their love is allowed by strict parents, forgiving villians and ofcourse McDonalds smiley sacrificing friend.

Rating - really ?

I shall stop by quoting Wikipedia in their description of the movie -

This love triangle is a psychologically multifaceted tale about male bonding, the meaning of love and friendship. In the context of these relationships, Friend 2 is the one who is preventing the other two people's happiness and finally also thwarts his own. He appears as being naive and innocent, yet he seems adamant at only noticing things that suit his own mindset. He is full of self-pity and bullies the others emotionally.
An important and critically regarded theme in the film is male bonding and the informal sharing of a woman between two male friends. Friend 1 indulges in his own "sacrifice", but never thinks of the woman's feelings he ostensibly loves.

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