Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Piya Ka Ghar 1972

When I went to Mumbai 2 yrs back,I visited my friend's friend. She was staying in a hostel room which was the size of an auto.No, I am not joking. Yes,it was actually that size. And she paid around Rs.6500 for that space! My cupboard is bigger than that....Well I live in Kerala.So you can imagine the space benchmark.

A comparison similar to this was said by Jaya Bachhan's uncle in Piya ka Ghar. He detests city people and thinks Bombay shehar theek nahi hai meri phool jaisi beti ke liye. But love brings her unsure,dainty-as-Jaya-is steps to the shehar anyways. Then it is Bombaiyya chawl life with a huge family,open windows and open hearts.A movie very subtly focusing on living space factor in Mumbai and how it affects the relationship of newly weds.

Anybody who smirks at Mumbai and its congestion,pollution and high rentals etc should see this movie. Not only will you fall in love with the old Bombay but it has a dialogue which will make you think twice about cribbing of living in Mumbai... ' Bambai walon ka ghar chota hota hai beti par dil bahut bada hota hai'

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