Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abhinetri 1970

A geeky scientist (does Shashi seem like one? ) meets a dancer Hema and fall in love.
A very quick romance though  they do not run around trees much.
Shashi is a Nirupa Roy ka ladla and
a considerable amount of movie time goes in showing that.

The lovebirds get married and Hema leaves her nach gaana and I wait to see what happens that the
movie takes its name.
Still a lot of songs and ghar grahasthi happens. And I wait.

Then Hema's uncle asks her to dance one more time as he was her manager and he is running in losses.
The susheel girl agrees much to the gussa of her patidev. Gussa continues till the day Maa come
s to visit them.
Ok so Hema now becomes abhinetri.Patidev and patni act like a happy couple.I think so now movie
will run even longer.
Coz Bollywood movie names have to be significantly depicted in the fillum.
Hey but what...in like some minutes pol khul jaata hai and Hema's saheli says that Maa sab jaanti thi,
so she is the Abhinetri!

Honestly I felt ripped!

But then I enjoy oldies and I'm partial to them. Nevertheless this is one forgettable Hema movie.
Nevertheless Shashi is as adorable as ever. And Nirupa to maa hi hoti hai.

I love the painted original poster. Glee!

Pic courtesy from the site of desitunes desibantu

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