Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ek Baar Phir 1980

Ek Baar Phir has two unique aspects. One,its one of the rare movies of 1980s which was entirely shot in an outside location. Yes,entirely. Even the credits. Second, in doing so,it didnt need a YRF banner. No Switzerland or the alps or USA. Just good old,stiff upper lip London as if London London nahi hua bagalwala gymkhana hua!

So what is about this almost unheard of movie that you should see? It is,frankly,not amongst the other better flicks Deepthi has done. But it is poignant and has a pace of its own. Simply put the story is about a wife of a superstar who is a casanova. She is lost in her marriage and finds her way straight into the arms of a guy who, obviously,is just the opposite of her husband and right for her.And yes he does feel right for her! What a brooding performance by Pradeep Verma. Pity he wasn't that popular

The movie is slow either due to some poor direction and poor performances of support actors or deliberative slow because once the infidelity starts who cares for poor performances eh? We just want to know if the Indian wife has the guts to walk out of a loveless marriage. Whether the casanova gets a slap on his dirty face or not. Whether the lover ever stops being miserable and finds his love back. Whether a non YRF film will do well without its patronage! Also we are glad to see how a movie on infidelity is made without being sleazy (read non Bhatt)

Watch it for : old London,old fashions and charming Saeed Jaffery

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