Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saath Saath 1982

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that the mesmerising song 'Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya' is from Saath Saath. I thought it was from some famous Yash Chopra flick. (you know how it is...there are certain songs you would have heard a lot but just don't know where it is from)Another undiscovered and unhyped movie from the Eighties.

I have instant love with Deepti Naval. Visit her website and hop onto earlier mag articles written about her. Its true,she isn't the typical commercial Bollywood actress of then and now. You cannot typecast her. She isn't deep as Shabana Azmi nor is she grave as Smitha Patil. Somewhere in between.

And that is why I love her movies. I personally search for her Filmography and look for her movies. Thankfully some lovely people have uploaded here and there and apun ka guzaara ho jaata hai.

The movie is about a couple who are as different as chalk and cheese. Farookh Shiekh is a stubborn,self respecting college boy and Deepti is just daddy's rich girl. She falls in love with him for his ideals and principles. An arya samaj marriage and char din ke chandni ke baad... they start to live their lives. Farookh keeps getting anxious now and then if his wife will ever be tired  of the poverty and turn into a bitch but nothing of the sort happens.

Out pops a baby and things then change. Farookh does a somersault and enters the rat race with a blind motive to earn more money. Deepti starts getting surprised as are we, at his change of behaviour.

The movie is more Deepti than Farookh. With her bubbly girl in love to mature patience as a wife is a transition that is the essence of the movie. Could have named the movie 'Aurat ka dil' or 'My great wife'. Sorry! Saath Saath is just better!

To be watched when you are nostalgic,love old Bollywood,love Deepti Naval,love Farookh Shiekh,want to see old Bombay,want to see college of old times and want to see old Neena Gupta

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