Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teesri Manzil - The rivetting 1966 suspense

Shammi Kapoor and suspense? Though it is hard to imagine the movie will clear your doubts. One of the biggest hits of 1966, this movie was a first for many reasons : Shammi in a suspense movie, R D Burman's first movie as a music composer and the amazing rock and roll music.

 Whats it about
A girl is out to find the killer of her sister and there are 3 villians ! But do you really want to know the rest? Aren't suspense movies best watched than reading it beforehand? :) You will see for yourself what makes you glue to your couch when the screams begin in the credits itself.


He isnt 'junglee' in this one. Except when the rock and roll songs begin. Shammi gave one of his best performances as an actor who can't just jiggle but also the curious and confused character who is taken for a ride by the killer.

The romance between the characters of Asha and Shammi is reserved towards the end but that maybe because of the gripping suspense as to finding out the killer. Brilliantly focused on the storyline, the movie doesn't wither with the romance sequences but rather the relationship between the characters of Shammi and Asha is a key aspect in the plot.

For a newcomer, R D Burman did a fantastic job with the music. All songs of the movie, which we hum even now are truly brilliant pieces. All are by Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle.

'Deewana mujhsa ambar ke neeche....aage hai..kaatil mera..aur mein peeche peeche ' and

'O mere sona re,sona re,sona re...'  . These songs bring out the lighter part of the movie.

'O haseena zulfon waali jaane jahan...' Watch this and you will see the character of Asha emerge out as someone who is out to find the secret. Innocent flirting of 60's,where the song in the movie gives you a hint of the story.  No wonder Bollywood is musical.

What else! One of the 'must sees' of the century.

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