Thursday, February 6, 2014


I saw Khiladi when I was in the 7th standard and was head over heels in love with Akki. Madly in love. But as his chest hair grew in proportion to his stunts and equally 'stuntic' emotions I moved over to a certain Rahul who impressed NRIs among mustard fields.

But the thrill of Khiladi movies stays on. The kind of suspense which made people throng to the theatres in early 90s, it was a sure crowd drawer.

The story is about a bet which started as a fun thing but goes on to a rude shocker of a murder of an innocent. And the suspense is brought in also in a wonderful way with lots of romance before it so that you just a get a picture of a romcom and not the murder mystery it actually is.

The hero is not the usual all knowing genious with 7th sense of brilliance or a Bruce Lee action boy or the beta of a worshipping maa who prays for wisdom and all solutions. Just happy-go-lucky 90s college kids,a Mr.Weatherbee kind of principal, some romance and then a lot of thrilling 2nd half.

Watch it for :

- that 90s college life glimpse when wearing a laugh was more important than wearing branded tees.

 - fun meant innocent pranks on friends and not rude ones on strangers.

 - Shakti Kapoor as an aadarshwaadi serious policeman and not a sleazy birdwatcher.

 - another musical hit by Jatin Lalit

 Oh that time when Akki used to act and not jump from hills on the back of villians. Maybe its the Kseries of movies. Maybe its the chesthair. Maybe ts Maybelline. Uhhh...

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