Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thenum Vayambum 1981

' Education is not just to teach good children but make bad children good' A dialogue by the great Sankaradi in the movie Thenum Vayambum.


With such dialogues and lovely acting comes the movie which has a three storylines entwined. A man's love for a woman, child's love for a motherly figure and a father's love for his son. All three has a woman actor as the pivot so basically Thenum Vayambum is carried by a lady ! A movie on a woman's shoulders?.and that also in 1981, a still unknown era for woman's lib.

The movie has many other firsts, according to me, and probably why it makes a good watch :

- One of the earliest movies of MohanLal where he isn't the main lead and where you will see the shy ,unsure acting bit he had before he ruled the cinema hearts of mallus. :)

- Where Nedumudi Venu is the main lead or hero!

 - A lot of English being said by the actors Prem Nazir, Sumalatha and even the children. 'Oh Shuvarr!' :)

 - Thenum Vayambum focuses more on emotions and the story rather than star material of Prem Nazir and overtly drama of women. You know women can do a whole lot of other things than crying,breaking bangles,cooking and stripping!

- Also catch Prem Nazir playing golf! :D

- And watch rather than hear the heart rending song 'thenum vayambum' against the backdrop of Ooty.

Director - Ashok Kumar
Cast - Prem Nazir, Sumalatha , Nedumudi venu, Mohanlal, Sankaradi

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