Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kunjattakkilikal 1986

' You are checking children's composition but I have written an imposition 1000 times and you have not seen it yet '
- ' What have you written? '
- ' I love you '

Simple maybe a childish way of romancing. Capable of only 1986 malayalam movies.

Kunjattakkilikal is also one of them. The above lines are said by Mohanlal to Shobhana, a tuition and home teacher who arrives to change children and changes the lives of not just Lal but also Soman.
A simple movie which you can watch on lazy afternoons, midweek holidays or just about anytime.

Watch it also for a wonderful twist to the story.

Director - Sasikumar. Known as 'Hitmaker', he was a very successful commercial film director.

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