Saturday, April 18, 2015

10 things I like about Ennum Eppozhum

1. Mohanlal not acting like a one-man-show. I'm happy also that two women also get meaty roles in this movie. Ok Reenu Mathews doesn't get as much beef,but still plays the snazzy boss to Lal well. (hey, we Keralites love beef ok so quit judging me on the cholesterol levels of this sentence)

2. Manju Warrier's down-to-earth acting. No tears (they must have given all the glycerin to the Asianet serial ladies), no preaching, no silliness and no Oh-my-gawd-its-Lalettan looks.

3. Actor Innocent. Director Anthikad's pillar or man Friday I guess. There's no movie of his where Innocent hasnt acted in.

4. Actor Lena. The spunk her character brings to the movie and the cute schoolboy-schoolgirl fights which she and Lal has.

5. Lack of focus on the past of both the lead characters and concentrating on the present. No flashbacks. Simple straightforward story.

6. Jacob Gregory :) The Akkara Kazhachgal and ABCD actor. Has his own brand of comic sense.

7. The cinematography.

8. The housing colony where she lives. Simple,small,cozy but spacious homes. Far cry from the Gelf-returned money's circus palaces which are usually shown in Malayalam movies. I hate big houses and I cannot lie.

9. This is for the ladies. Manju's costumes. The vibrant designs, the ease with which she wears westerns and the trimmed figure showcases subtlety and grace. Also note, NO sari with jasmine flowers and gold exhibition. (that's national award winning point!) Everytime I saw her in those fresh colorful kurtas, I almost had a complex about my wardrobe,even though I was miles away from my Lifestyle and Westside Rs.499 sale ones(shhhh!) and in a dark theatre.

10. The hope that corporate India will also someday have facility of bath and towel-drying for employees just like Lal had in his office!

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