Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Itni Si Baat

Husband-Wife movies are no novelty in Bollywood. Where else would the bashing jokes come from?

 Itni Si Baat probably goes a notch further to tell you how to keep the bashing balanced so that no feminists or MCPs can have the last laugh (or maybe laugh together)

A typical household of unit family and the complexes of spouses' roles are shown in Itni Si Baat. Husband is played by Sanjeev Kumar who loves his wife but cannot exactly convey the pressures of a working life for her to understand. and vice versa. Haribhai (Sanjeev Kumar) movies are a delight. His pocketful of expressions are sprinkled throughout any movie.

So when it becomes a fight, they both decide to exchange roles and the comedy starts then. 

I wonder if such situations were to happen today, will Moushimi Chatterjee have better career options than the typical secretarial or sari saleswoman jobs available then.

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