Thursday, April 9, 2015


The length of an Indian woman's hair is directly proportionate to how good as a wife she can we. This is proved in absolute terms in Agreement, a movie starring Rekha and Rekha and Utpal Dutt. Yes Rekha dominates this movie about husband-wife relationship, the usual stereotypes, the jokes ,assumptions and the rules of society etc.

In a time when actresses essayed amazing characters, the press would have reluctantly given them the credit of  a successful movie,unlike what Vidya Balan or Anushka could do today. Nevertheless, thanks to available access to movies of any era today, we shouldn't mince our words of praise for heroines of those times too. That's why, even though its a weak script and really pathetic acting from the male actor, the film is enjoyable for its quirky and bold take on spouse roles. Its a fun ,time pass watch. You may disagree, ofcourse but what would you rather watch.. A retro time-pass or Sajid Khan's Himmatwala?

Now, girls, women and my fellow fashion enthusiasts, if you are interested in vintage Bollywood styles, Rekha has quite to offer as a visual delight in the many outfits throughout this movie. Do not forget to notice the hairstyles that keep graduating to savvy to Saavithri. I loved the tops and skirts!

All short? Snort!

All's fair in long hair

 I refuse to even acknowledge the 'act'or who 'very miserly gives away expressions' (acts) as Rekha's husband. Reliable and enjoyable roles by Asrani and Aruna Irani,as always.

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