Thursday, April 16, 2015

Charulata - here's to literary,passionate women!

Thank God for a movie about women writing and reading and being proud about it instead of cooking!

The above may be a small aspect of Charulata movie but integral. Literary passion, ambition for a successful paper and words shared in the garden are what will make you tuck this treasure of a movie. A story of love and betrayal. And literature.

Charu is a quiet wife but only till you challenge her. Whether it is to a game of cards, the worth of a Bankim novel to others or making Bengali samosas. She is organised and meticulous. Messed up in her heart and mind though. She cares for her husband Dutta but her smile makes her radiant only when her cousin-in-law comes. Much like the metaphoric storm which blows on his arrival the clean, marbled bhavan is slowly making crevices for the deep barriers between Dutta and Charu.

But Satyajit Ray will not warn you. There are too many lovely hummings of Bengali folk songs, occasional paan made by the bhabhi for the devar and so much dreams for literature knitted that you really cannot imagine anything untoward happening in the mature household where the husband and wife discuss and not just 'get my coat ready'.

Brilliant performances by Madhabi Mukherjee as Charu, Soumitra Chatterjee as the happy-go-lucky Amal and Shailen Mukherjee as Dutta ,who is equally passionate about his Press. Individuals who played the different human emotions with depth.

Thank you Ray, for movies like this in 1964 which lets Indian women of 1870s express her feelings the way she wants.

Saw this beautiful poster and had to upload too.

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